posters in custom dimensions on request

As you can see in the products, there are already different sizes of posters to choose from.
But perhaps you already have a frame or a very special place where the measurements do not fit the indicated standards.
This is actually where you have the opportunity to have your poster cut to a custom size that suits your needs.

What you have to do is to order the size larger than you need, and immediately after ordering, you write a message to Fine Art Printery with the measurements you want.

An example would be, if you already have a frame you would like to use, which has the dimensions 17 x 23 inches, then you have to order the one called 18 x 24 inches, and then subsequently write to Fine Art Printery what you have ordered, and that you want it cut to 17 x 23 inches.

So now you have no excuse not to use all those beautiful old frames that you never thought you'd need, until now.

Use the form below for requests on custom sizes, or questions about this.

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