The poster maker

Perhaps Denmark's most personal poster workshop

My name is Farmand Anhalt and I am the poster maker.

When I claim to be Denmark's most personal poster workshop, it is because I personally make your poster. I do not use dropshipping, Print On Demand or other third-party solutions. At Plakatsmeden, I ensure that your product is created with love and dedication to both art and craftsmanship.

This means that I don't just order products home from suppliers and forward them to you, or even worse, have the supplier send them directly to you without having felt the love between my fingers.
On the contrary, I do it all myself, I prepare, manufacture and send your order myself. I also make both coffee and accounts myself. The poster maker is not just my job, it is my life.

Eg. in relation to posters, it starts with a digital processing of the illustration so that it can be used as larger works for the wall. This is followed by carefully selected raw materials and careful preparation, where I cut the product to size and print, print or assemble it in my own workshop. This personal approach allows me to ensure that every detail is in accordance with my high standards of quality and aesthetics.

I don't just put my heart into what I do; I put my hands and my soul into each product. Because it is my wish that you have a unique and memorable experience with the posters and other products I produce.

In my cozy little workshop, located at the gateway to Scandinavia, I embark on an extraordinary journey to create and recreate some of the most exquisite illustrations that have graced history. Here I find myself immersed in a magical world where I wander through the corridors of time and travel back to the eras of history in search of fantastic art and cultural heritage.

As I delve into the archives of the past, I sift through endless amounts of old illustrations, each telling a unique story just waiting to be rediscovered. From stunning ancient maps that show the territories of history to delicate botanical drawings that capture the essence of nature's wonders. I find captivating animal sketches that inspire awe of the creatures we share our world with. My journey continues with historic propaganda posters that echo an era when messages were artfully crafted to inspire and unite.

But the art does not stop at reprints and historical illustrations. I continue to creatively experiment in other projects in the visual and graphic arts. Here I combine imaginative texts with captivating images to produce unique creations. This place is my personal sanctuary, a space where both classical art, artificial intelligence and practical DIY techniques blend seamlessly to create the images that swirl in my mind.

With an imagination like an infinitely large canvas, I channel my energy into creating other unique works. Posters become more than just decorative pieces; they are transformed into narratives. I orchestrate a symphony of colors, shapes and words, each element harmonizing with the others to convey emotions and narratives that speak to the soul.

The appeal of my creative haven lies in its limitless possibilities. While most of my works materialize as posters and eye-catching illustrations, from time to time I move into other areas. Badges and magnets are made, textiles are printed and stickers are cut. Creation is a game, an unadulterated dance with art, and the joy of seeing the imagination erupt into tangible form.

Sustainability is a guiding star in my creative process, where I carefully consider the environmental footprint of my products. The natural world feeds my imagination and gives me inspiration, in return I strive to be a steward of the preservation of the environment and help create art that resonates both in the heart and on the earth.

All my work, from start to finish, is filled with love and care for what I do. It is a desire to share the beauty that unfolds when we dare to challenge the status quo.

Welcome to my small workshop at the gateway to Scandinavia, where each piece is a testimony to the boundless possibilities that arise when we dare to challenge the established.

Thank you for your support. I greatly appreciate your trust and look forward to delivering beautiful and personally made products that will delight you for many years to come.

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