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Aéro-Club d'Auvergne 1925

Aéro-Club d'Auvergne 1925

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A magnificent vintage poster by the renowned artist Charles Roussel (1861-1936).

This captivating artwork depicts a breathtaking scene of aircraft flying through the sky, en route to the great Auvergne National Air Rally and Grand Aviation Meet. A significant event with 60 aircraft present. The Auvergne Aero Club, established in 1920, continues its legacy today with flying classes and exciting sightseeing tours.

This remarkable poster captures beautiful Art Deco design fused with the thrill of aviation. A unique piece of history portraying the club's first national air rally, featuring notable aviators such as Italian Fiat aviators Ferrarin and Brahpapa and Emile Paumier with his remarkable Schreck seaplane.

Embrace the charm of vintage aviation with this authentic art deco illustration. A perfect addition to any aircraft enthusiast's collection or retro-inspired decor.
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