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Automobiles Richard-Brasier - classic car advertising

Automobiles Richard-Brasier - classic car advertising

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Car advertising poster for the French brand Richard-Brasier, which under that name had a very short life from 1902 to 1905. It started as a collaboration between Charles-Henri Brasier and Georges Richard, but when Georges Richard was more busy with car racing than with doing business, then the collaboration ceased again, and Brasier found others to collaborate with.

We also get a small taste of George Richard's urge for car racing via the poster here, as in addition to being an advertisement for Richard-Brasier automobiles, it is also the illustration of a Richard-Brasier car that won the famous Gordon Bennett Cup in 1904. The driver of the car was Léon Théry and the route driven was in the Taunus mountains in Hesse, Germany.

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