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Bleu Deschamps 1897 - Alphonse Mucha poster

Bleu Deschamps 1897 - Alphonse Mucha poster

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Bleu Deschamps is a French lithograph advertising poster from the Belle Époque period, advertising something as simple as a detergent. The poster shows a woman who is happily sorting her laundry, and is naturally quite pleased with how clean it has become. Besides the title Bleu Deschamps, the words "En Vente Ici" are also included, which means something like "for sale here". The poster is kept in light shades to illustrate the purity, and to use marketing that is soft and attractive to the eye.

The decorative illustrations around the main motif reveal that the artist can of course only be Alphonse Mucha, who was one of the greatest Art Nouveau/Jugendstil artists of the time.

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