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Callionymus lyra - Dragonet

Callionymus lyra - Dragonet

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Callionymus lyra, commonly known as the dragonet or sea robin, is a small fish species that geographically extends all the way up from the North Atlantic, out to the Azores, down to the Canary Islands and into the Mediterranean. In addition to a sandy brown base color, it typically has orange-red bodies with blue-green stripes and spines, making it an aesthetically pleasing sight to see underwater. The males are also extremely territorial and aggressive towards other males, on the other hand he uses his beautiful colors to lure the females in and convince them that he is one of the more delicious fish in the sea.
The Dragonet can live well in captivity, and is seen from time to time in various aquariums.

The illustration used for the poster here is originally from 1867, and found in a book about animals in Norway and Sweden.

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