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Caribbean - Pan Am

Caribbean - Pan Am

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The beautiful travel poster from Pan American World Airways (Pan Am), showing a slice of the captivating Caribbean. With its deep and powerful colors, this artwork offers a glimpse into the enchanting mystery and atmosphere of the Caribbean. Maybe you've visited the Caribbean, maybe you'll never get to, but here you have the opportunity to get a bit of the Caribbean at home on your wall.

Originally created by Pan Am, this poster was intended to entice travelers to choose a Caribbean vacation and, of course, travel with Pan Am.
The artwork depicts a graceful Caribbean woman, elegantly positioned amidst lush palm fronds, in the heart of the Caribbean jungle. In the background stands a man with a drum ready to unleash the rhythmic beats that define the Caribbean spirit. It is clear that this poster not only invites tourists to relax and immerse themselves in the local music, but also tempts them with the woman's selection of necklaces and bracelets to visit the local markets.

So whether you're longing for a peaceful getaway or looking to indulge in the Caribbean's vibrant culture, this travel poster serves as a captivating reminder of the beauty and allure that awaits.

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