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The four birds by Elisabeth Sonrel, 1901

The four birds by Elisabeth Sonrel, 1901

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Experience the timeless elegance of Art Nouveau with this beautiful version of "The Four Birds" by Elisabeth Sonrel. The poster is a composite of the four iconic works by Sonrel: "Les Hirondelles Souvenir" (The Swallows of Remembrance), "Les Colombes Tendresse" (The Loving Doves), "Le Cygne Innocence" (The Innocent Swan) and "Le Paon Majeste" ( The Majestic Peacock). Each work captures the grace and tranquility of both the woman and nature, and through Sonrel's masterful artistic abilities, they are each a delight to the eye.

This high quality printed poster depicts "Les Hirondelles Souvenir" with a pensive woman surrounded by flying swallows, embodying the theme of remembrance. "Les Colombes Tendresse" depicts a loving scene with a woman embracing and protecting two doves, symbolizing love and tenderness. "Le Cygne Innocence" offers an innocent scene with a calm woman by a swan that reflects purity and grace. "Le Paon Majeste" portrays a majestic woman next to a peacock, symbolizing grandeur and splendor. Here, all four works are thus gathered in one.

Printed in Denmark on matte fine-art paper, from the German Gmund, this poster captures the rich, harmonious colors and detailed patterns that characterize Sonrel's work. Perfect for decorating any room, this piece brings a touch of Belle Époque magic into homes, offices or studios.

Ideal for art lovers and admirers of vintage decor, this poster makes a thoughtful and elegant gift. Its timeless charm and sophisticated design are sure to enrich any collection.

Gift your surroundings with the refined beauty of "The Four Birds" by Elisabeth Sonrel and let these enchanting scenes transform your space with their calm and majestic presence.

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