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Esox Stomias Boa - scaly dragonfish

Esox Stomias Boa - scaly dragonfish

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unless otherwise mentioned in the product description, frames etc. in the pictures are for decorative purposes only and are therefore not included.

Stomias boa is a species of fish that lives in both the mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones, inhabiting depths from 200 to 2,173 meters (656 to 7,129 ft) in oceans around the globe. This species is particularly widespread off the Atlantic coast of North America, in the Mediterranean and within a band extending from 20° to 45° S.

Apart from being a deep-sea fish that at night searches closer to the surface to eat, it has been difficult to find information about the species. It has also not been possible for me to find a proper term in Danish, from which I have so far had to translate the English instead, scaly dragonfish to scaly dragonfish.

The illustration was originally from 1797 and is photographed from an English book.

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