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The bowhead whale from a German book on Zoology from 1835

The bowhead whale from a German book on Zoology from 1835

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unless otherwise mentioned in the product description, frames etc. in the pictures are for decorative purposes only and are therefore not included.

The bowhead whale is a majestic and enigmatic mammal that can be found in the world's arctic and subarctic waters. Known for its colossal size, these whales can weigh up to 100 tons and grow as long as 18 meters. Several bowhead whales are estimated to be 200 years or more, making them one of the longest-lived animals on earth. These creatures are also known for their unique adaptations to living in icy waters, such as the ability to break through thick ice with their heads or use their powerful tails to make breathing holes in otherwise impenetrable surfaces. The bowhead whale is also notable for its ancient genetic makeup, which has allowed researchers to study its evolution and genetics in depth. Although whalers have been hunted almost to extinction in the past, since the mid-20th century efforts have been made to protect this magnificent species from hunting and other threats.

The illustration here, which the poster is based on, shows a bowhead whale that almost "sits" as a model for the artist. It was not unusual for the zoological illustrations of the time to place the motif on some kind of substrate or background that was part of the artwork. The title of the book from which the illustration comes is Die Säugthiere in Abbildungen nach der Natur, which roughly translates to "Mammals depicted in illustrations after nature", and is a landmark work in zoology. It was published by Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber and includes several hundred hand-drawn illustrations of mammals from around the world. First printed between 1774 and 1848, the book is one of the early and more comprehensive works on mammalian taxonomy and zoology in general.

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