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Hann's Rust's world map from the Middle Ages

Hann's Rust's world map from the Middle Ages

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Hann's Rust's world map dates back to about 1480, and is a unique and fascinating piece of cartography. The map is oriented with the east at the top and shows the four most important rivers in the world - Ganges, Phison, Indus and the Nile, which flow from paradise at the top of the map, where Adam and Eva enjoy themselves.
Jerusalem is well placed in the center, as is most often with the old circular world maps.

The ring that symbolizes a world ocean that surrounds the continents shows a lot of islands (including England), rocks and ships, etc. The ring also shows some creatures and peculiar scenes, as well as it symbolizes the boundary of the known world. Under the main map, two smaller cards appear. One in the lower right corner that illustrates the tripartite division of city, land and sea. And in the lower left corner is a model of the four elements (air, water, fire and earth).

Something very special about the map is that it is written in quite ordinary everyday German, making it (probably) the first map that was printed on a folk language so everyone can read it. A People's Map.

Its intricate details and unique small drawings make it a valuable and exciting world map that really sets some milestones for historical cartography.

The original map from the 15th century has larger holes and wear, and most reproductions have then included these "holes" in their copies. I have chosen the removal of the holes digitally, so that you better get a complete card here. I have done this by replacing the holes with parts from the existing map, as I do not know what Hann's rust originally had these places for good reasons.

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