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Hippocampus kuda - The seahorse

Hippocampus kuda - The seahorse

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Hippocampus kuda, the spotted or common seahorse, is a fascinating and unique creature with its iconic curled tail and distinctive upright posture. Found in shallow tropical waters across the Indo-Pacific region, these tiny creatures are truly fascinating to watch as they gracefully swim around kelp forests and coral reefs. Despite their small size, seahorses play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems as they feed on small crustaceans and other organisms, while also serving as prey for larger creatures, where they are relatively low on the food chain. Unfortunately, many species of seahorses are threatened, especially due to overfishing for use in medical practice, of which China accounts for a large part, as it is considered to be both an aphrodisiac and a regulator of the immune system .

The seahorse here was found and photographed from an American bulletin, from 1907.

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