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Lobster poster - Homarus vulgaris

Lobster poster - Homarus vulgaris

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unless otherwise mentioned in the product description, frames etc. in the pictures are for decorative purposes only and are therefore not included.

The common lobster, scientifically known as Homarus gammarus or Homarus vulgaris, is a species of crustacean found in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has two large claws, one of which is intended to crush its prey. The lobster can grow up to around 60 centimeters long. These lobsters are highly valued in the seafood industry for their juicy meat.
However, I would not recommend eating exactly this lobster here. On the other hand, it looks fantastic on the wall in your living room, kitchen or any other place that could benefit from a bit of a maritime atmosphere.
The illustration is from an old French encyclopedia, from around the year 1849.
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