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Journées Lausanneoises d'aviation

Journées Lausanneoises d'aviation

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In 1910 , Henri Speckner landed on a simple runway in the area of La Blécherette north of Lausanne in Switzerland, the following year they had established one of the first civilian airports in the country at the same location. After this, the Journées Lausannenoises d'aviation started up quickly.

The Journées Lausannenoises d'aviation, also known as the Lausanne Air Meet, is an exciting event that brings together aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. Held annually in Switzerland, this air show features a number of exciting exhibits showcasing both modern and historic aircraft. From daring acrobatics to impressive flybys, visitors can look forward to experiencing a truly unforgettable day. In addition to the impressive air displays, there are exhibits showing everything from vintage aircraft to the latest technology in aviation. It's a great opportunity for those interested in aviation to learn more about this fascinating industry and see some amazing performances up close. With its festive atmosphere and family-friendly activities, the Journées Lausannenoises d'aviation is a major highlight in many people's calendars, and definitely something to visit if you're in the area during the days it's taking place.
There are no scheduled commercial departures from the airport, where it is largely used exclusively by civilians and private individuals, and also by the rescue service.

The poster, in calm earthy colours, shows a pilot in his plane, high above the rooftops of Lausanne. The pilot and the plane seen on the poster could possibly be Henri Speckner in his monoplane Blériot XI, as he was of course a keen participant in the annual event.

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