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The line dancer Fontaine from the Folies-Bergère

The line dancer Fontaine from the Folies-Bergère

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The fantastic version of the old French Folies-Bergère poster featuring Fontaine the line dancer, is a beautiful reminder of the times when daring acrobats could dazzle audiences by balancing on tightropes over everything from waterfalls to huge bonfires. This classic poster of the daredevil Fontaine , showing a scene where he walks the tightrope attached to a hot air balloon, can easily invite the viewer to feel the same excitement that was enthralled by the time when the daredevils had their heyday.
The colors of the poster are vibrant and bright, adding to its picturesque authenticity.
Posters like this have been collected and treasured by many people for many years as reminders of the theatrical times when the dangerous entertainment had an alluring fascination for the many audiences. There is something special about these nerve-wracking events that inspire admiration and bring back memories of simpler times in entertainment history.
The text on the poster reads: Folies-Bergère travail merveilleux sur le fil de fer par Fontaine.

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