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Long-eared owl - Asio otus

Long-eared owl - Asio otus

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Long-eared owl Poster, based on one of John Gould's illustrations from The Birds of Europe Vol. 1, 1837.

Bring the beauty and mystery of the European Long-eared owl - Asio otus into your home with this beautiful poster that captures both the detail and charm of this majestic bird.

Perfect as a unique part of the decor in your home, or wherever else you fancy something beautiful on the wall.

Give your wall a touch of nature and elegance with this Long-eared owl  poster - a timeless piece of art that will delight bird enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

The Long-eared owl is one of the larger owls in Europe and is also found in Denmark, both as a breeding bird and as a migratory bird. It often uses old crow's nests as a place of residence and is easiest to find in June/July, when it also needs to hunt a little during the day, in order to meet the great need for food that its young have, so that they can be ready to fly.

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